Archive for April 13, 2008

Fairnews: helping you see the news from all angles

Hey Everyone,
I came across this amazing site at компютри Basically it’s for people that read their news online. You go to and read the news through their proxy. A floating menu hovers in your browser as you read the news. If you are reading an article Fairnews knows about, the floating menu will update with links to other news articles from other news companies that relate to the one your reading. What a great way to see how journalists from all over the world see a particular event. Fantastic site!

A PHP Blog

I’ve released the backend PHP/mysql code for the blog I’ve been developing for a web application. Your feedback on the features and implementation are welcome. It’s my first time really being paranoid about security concerns during coding – something I have to pay more attention to these days. The subversion repository it’s stored in is public so you can plug it right into your site. You can also go to the code in the repository section to grab the files.