Fairnews: helping you see the news from all angles

Hey Everyone,
I came across this amazing site at компютриwww.fairnews.ca. Basically it’s for people that read their news online. You go to Fairnews.ca and read the news through their proxy. A floating menu hovers in your browser as you read the news. If you are reading an article Fairnews knows about, the floating menu will update with links to other news articles from other news companies that relate to the one your reading. What a great way to see how journalists from all over the world see a particular event. Fantastic site!

A PHP Blog

I’ve released the backend PHP/mysql code for the blog I’ve been developing for a web application. Your feedback on the features and implementation are welcome. It’s my first time really being paranoid about security concerns during coding – something I have to pay more attention to these days. The subversion repository it’s stored in is public so you can plug it right into your site. You can also go to the code in the repository section to grab the files.

Database Graph Site

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to welcome you to my newest online solution. dbGraph is a database graphing & reporting system. This online application allows you to easily and effectively access and display your database information. Try it out at www.databasegraph.com. Please use this blog location to post any comments, questions, advice, anything to help me get this into a full production version.

Almost everything you see on the site is a php class. You can expect over the next little while small pieces of this project posing as php classes will appear in the repository section. Of coarse, if you make a specific request I’ll get it done much sooner.

Autonomous Vehicle Tracking

As part of our 4th year undergrad group project we modified a remote control car to follow another car autonomously. We did this using IR sensors and ultrasound sensors with a PIC18F2620 microcontroller as the brain. I’ve added the C files we wrote in the repository – check it out if this sort of thing interests you. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some pictures or a movie so you can see the lead car and autonomous car in action.

The Linux Gateway

I finally did it.

My laptop can now act as a wireless router giving clients full internet access as long as I have it plugged into my ethernet. And with my huge “antenna” I’m more powerful than most off the shelf wireless routers. But only 802.11b … so perhaps not great. Either way, all the scripts I use are in the repository – check it.

New Repository Page

Added the repository page. It ties right in to my svn repository generated through apache! Going to see if I can figure out how to attach comments to projects in repository page.

Pages are also a nice way to get access to php with wordpress.

First Post Ever

You would think that in the first post ever there would be something interesting…

There really isn’t, but good stuff is soon to come.